CenterPoint Tyro 245 Crossbow Package



The CenterPoint Tyro 245 Crossbow Package is a great bow for traditional crossbow hunters who appreciate the durability and simplicity of a recurve. With speeds of up 245 FPS this bow generates up to 56 FPE making it a lightweight and easy use alternative to a heavier compound crossbow. Not lacking in features, the CenterPoint Tyro offers an adjustable composite stock, anti-dry fire and auto safety trigger mechanism with adjustable turret for scope elevation, 4x32mm scope, three 16-inch arrows, quick-detach quiver, rope cocker and rail lube. The Tyro is budget-friendly and fits a variety of hunters.


  • Engineered compression molded fiberglass limbs with 23.25-inch width when fully cocked
  • Easy to assemble limbs and string with an aluminum rail
  • Multi-position, adjustable stock and convenient storage compartment in foregrip
  • Delivers speeds up to 245 FPS with 56 FPE for downrange accuracy
  • Anti-dry fire and auto safety trigger mechanism with adjustable scope turret
  • Includes a 5-year limited warranty, three 16-inch aluminum arrows, quiver, 4×32 mm scope, rope cocker and rail lube
  • Product Information

    IBO Speed Rating 245 Feet Per Second
    Length 37 Inches
    Weight 5 Pound
    Battery CR2032
    Sights 4x32mm
    Power Stroke 10.5 Inches
    Axle to Axle Width 23.25 Inches
    Kinetic Energy 56 Foot Pounds

    Delivery Information

    Shipping Weight 8.251 Pounds
    DOT-Regulated Yes


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