Trophy Ridge React Trio Pro 3-Pin Bow Sight with Light




Always ready for action, the React Trio allows you to sight-in at extended ranges faster. React Technology actually predicts what each pin gap will be based on the distance between your 20 yard pin and any other yardage. The Trophy Ridge exclusive React Technology activates when your fixed 40-yard pin becomes a movable pin, allowing you to sight-in out to 100 yards.



  • Mathematical precision of React Technology automatically adjusts all pins to the optimal location
  • Make easy corrections with advanced 100% tool-less micro adjustment
  • Three pins allow you to have set 20, 30, and 40 yard pins, then dial precise yardage at extended range
  • Strengthen accuracy at severe angles over longer distances with third-axis leveling
  • Positive stop design at the 40-yard indicator position
  • Durable 100% machine-aluminum construction
  • Ultra-bright .019 fiber optic pins for ultimate visibility
  • Adjust the brightness to suit any shooting condition with the rheostat light
  • Measured Arrow speed 250-330 FPS
  • Product Information

    Color Black
    Material Aluminum
    Hand Right
    Number of Pins 3
    Pin Diameter 0.019 Inches
    Pin Color Multiple Color
    Bubble Level Yes
    Light Included Yes
    2nd Axis Adjustment Yes
    3rd Axis Adjustment Yes
    Detachable Bracket No

    Delivery Information

    Shipping Weight 0.840 Pounds


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