Avian-X Top Flight Canvasback Duck Decoy Pack of 6




These rugged, wide, magnum decoys are designed for the rough open water where these ducks rest and feed. We have created these decoys to suck down and ride the waves like real ducks and they are very realistic because they were carved by world champion decoy carver, Rick Johannsen. Simply put, there is no equal to these decoys when it comes to realism, anatomy and design. We have selected the head positions and body postures to mimic the natural attitude these birds possess and constructed these decoys from rubberized molding material needed to withstand the abuse in these rough conditions. Sold in packs of six.


Product Information

Quantity 6
Species Canvasback Duck
Decoy Type Floating
Flocked No
Head Position Active

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 18.783 Pounds


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