Banded Axe Combination Boat/Shore Blind Steel and Polyester Khaki




Superior as a boat blind.  Unparalleled portability and convenience as a shore blind. Revolutionary as a combo! The Banded Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind is constructed of a heavy duty square-tubed steel frame and features an easy up and down leg system for 10 second set-up and take-downs.  The leg system’s “pop-up” design allows for a quick set-up into a roomy, well concealed, weather protected blind or folds down compact in seconds for boating, trailering, or hauling to the spot. Hunters and retriever handlers will also enjoy the convenient in-and-out door that allows easy entry and exit access without having to drop the blind down.  The Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind exterior is fabricated with a heavy-duty 600D cover to block out the elements along with integrated concealment straps to add natural vegetation.  We also suggest adding the Axe Blind Camo Skin (sold separately in Timber and Cattail colors) for an amazing 3-D leaf-like foliage and ultimate camouflaging.

For use on a boat:

Assemble the Axe Combo Blind and place it on any boat suitable for hunting.  Wherever the blind contacts the boat, most likely on a bench seat and/or bow deck, simply secure the frame with provided hardware (we recommend four anchor points).  Next, attach Axe Blind Camo Skins (sold separately in Timber and Cattail colors).  In less than one hour after opening the Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind’s box, you will be ready to hunt.


From the boat-hunting gurus of New Madrid, Missouri, regardless of boat size, choose the smaller “regular” size blind unless it simply will not work in your boat.  A smaller blind will allow your camo netting to drape to your boat’s gunnel at greater angles and more effectively eliminate the shadows that expose your presence.   This will help to eliminate a “boxy” unnatural appearance and help the blind blend in with the natural environment more effectively.

For use as a shore blind:

Assemble the Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind and install the Axe Blind Leg Kit (sold separately).  Next, attach Axe Blind Camo Skins (sold separately in Timber and Cattail colors).   The Axe Blind Camo Skins can be used with natural vegetation which can be easily affixed to the concealment straps attached to the blind’s 600D exterior cover.  Simply carry the Axe Combo Blind to your hunting location, secure the blind’s legs into the ground and you are ready to hunt.


  • Easy up and down leg system for 10 second set up and take down
  • Quick slide top cover for optimal overhead concealment and easy shooting
  • Heavy-duty 600D weather and wind resistant cover
  • Adjustable shooting and viewing area
  • In-and-out door provides easy entry and exit for dogs and hunters
  • Concealment straps for adding natural vegetation
  • Can be removed quickly and easily from boat
  • Inside boat frame design
  • Folds down flat to make boating and towing effortless
  • Regular size: 44” x 9’ – Weight: 62 lbs
  • Large Size: 48” x 11’ – Weight: 68 lbs


WARNING: This product can expose you to Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to –

Product Information

Color Khaki
Size Regular/Large
Length 9 Feet


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