Barronett Pentagon Ground Blind Polyester




This blind has a huge interior. The 5-sided shape of the Pentagon allows for a comfortable group hunt with a footprint of 41.5 square feet, which is 70% greater than a comparable 4-sided blind. The shape of the Pentagon also creates unrivaled viewing from the blind with panoramic windows. The Pentagon is equipped with a durable framework with thicker, stiffer poles and strong hubs. The windows dip low for easy sight lines while seated and the middle windows have shoot-through holes to provide multiple shooting options.


  • Panoramic windows create unrivaled sight lines
  • The shape of the Pentagon creates 70% more room and sets up just as easy
  • Noise-free, zipperless windows
  • Durable framework with thicker, stiffer poles and strong hubs
  • Replaceable, shoot-through, mesh camo windows for broadhead use and three ports for gun hunting
  • Peek windows on the back two walls of the blind

Product Information

Color Bloodtrail Camo/Crater Core
Material Polyester
Height 70 Inches
Length 96 Inches
Weight 20 Pound
Width 96 Inches
Number of Windows 20


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