Dakota Decoy X-Series 4 Man X-Pandable Field Blind Polyester Realtree Max-5 Camo




Meet the next generation of field blinds! Dakota Decoy is proud to introduce their 10’ X-Blind! So much development has gone into this blind, it’s hard to know where to begin. The frames set up in under a minute. Once set up, the frame turns into one solid piece, making it almost bulletproof, and easy to move at given moment! The canvas is 2 independent pieces, that secure solidly to the frame, with doors on each end for easy in and out. Dakota Decoy incorporated a viewing screen the entire length of the blind, allowing viewing while keeping faces hidden! A built-in dog door allows the dog to be hidden inside the blind, while still being allowed to see the action. The blind also has tops that easily hook-and-loop on where ever they are needed. Hide that black hole and keep the heat in at the same time! Transporting the blind is very easy, as it comes with a carry bag, which holds the entire blind and frame.

Product Information

Color Realtree Max-5
Material Polyester
Height 48 Inches
Length 10 Feet
Width 60 Inches
Main Shooting Window Width 10 Feet


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