Lucky Duck 2×4 Ground Blind Flip Top




The Lucky Duck 2×4 Flip Tops are designed to keep you concealed from high approaching birds while also providing 360° vision. Featuring powder coated tubing, 900D poly material, durable mounting brackets and stubble straps & pockets. Two tops are included, 51″ x 21″.


  • Keeps you concealed from those high approaching birds
  • Designed to see out of the front and back of the blind
  • Powder coated tubing and 900D poly material
  • Stubble straps and stubble pockets
  • Durable mounting bracket can be left on the 2×4 frame
  • 2 tops per set – each top is 51″ x 21″


Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 11.300 Pounds


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