Muddy Stronghold Ladder Treestand



The 21’ Stronghold 1.5 ladderstand gives you all the advantage by keeping you beyond the sights of wary game. Featuring a quiet padded shooting rail with the ability to flip up and out of the way for a clear shooting lane, DXT oval tubing ladder sections with double rail support system and pinned, sleeve fit, and a fastening system including a ratchet strap, two stabilizer straps, and an adjustable support bar-this stand has it all! Weighing in at 71 Lbs., this stand is weight rated for 300 Lbs. Included is one TMA-Certified full body harness.


  • Quiet, Padded shooting rest
  • Extra large lumbar style seat for all day comfort
  • D-Force expanded metal grates
  • Silencer technology throughout the stand; no metal on metal contact
  • DXT oval tubing; strong, sturdy & easy to grip

Product Information

Height 21 Feet
Weight 71 Pound
Weight Capacity 300 Pound
Seat Length 18 Inches
Seat Height 24 Inches


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