Primos Double Bull Surroundview Max Ground Blind Truth Camo




Primos brought you the Original Blind Without A Blind Spot with one-way-see-through technology. Now, the Primos Double Bull Surround View Max Ground Blind offers all that and more, starting with a full 180° one-way see-through view, plus a built-in sun visor to maintain maximum vision when the sun is at its lowest at sunrise or sunset. Primos also added a more versatile door with zipper or bungee closures for quieter entry and exit. Stay hidden and take your field of vision to the max with the Surround View Max!


  • 180 degrees of SurroundView one-way see-through viewing capability
  • Sun Visor for maximum vision when sun is low at sunrise or sunset
  • Triangle door with zipper and bungee for quieter option for entry and exit
  • 180 degree full front window with silent slide window closures
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Product Information

    Color Truth Camo
    Height 67 Inches
    Length 56 Inches
    Width 56 Inches
    Number of Windows 4
    Stakes Included Yes


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