Summit Ledge XT Hang On Treestand




The Summit Ledge XT Hang On Treestand is the ultimate in hang-and-leave stands. The huge 30”x 24” platform gives the hunter lots of space to maneuver for the shot. The large holes in the expanded metal platform easily allow mud and debris to drop through instead of caking up. The Ledge XT was designed with comfort in mind and the mesh seat and contoured mesh backrest firmly cradle hunters up to 300 pounds for hours, while a flip-up footrest keeps leg fatigue from setting in. The mesh seat folds up to provide the hunter with even more room to move around in the stand, not to mention it makes stand entry a breeze. The Ledge XT is easy to set up thanks to Summit’s Quick-attach straps that include a large tree strap with adjustable buckle and double j-hooks, plus a securing strap to go around the bottom of stand for added safety. This stand is designed for years of hunting use, but at a price that makes sense.


  • No need to dread long hours on stand with the ultra-comfortable contoured mesh backrest and mesh seat, along with a folding footrest to prevent leg fatigue.
  • The Ledge XT’s generous 30”x24” platform that allows for even more foot room thanks to the stand’s dual post design which keeps the cables farther apart than on competitor’s stands for maximum space.
  • Expanded metal floor features large holes so that  mud and debris easily fall through caking on stand.
  • Includes a large tree strap with adjustable buckle and double j-hooks, plus a securing strap

Product Information

Material Steel
Weight 23 Pound
Weight Capacity 300 Pound
Seat Length 15.5 Inches
Platform Length 30 Inches
Platform Width 24 Inches
Seat Width 18 Inches
Seat Height 13 Inches


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