XOP Renegade Saddle Combo




The XOP Renegade Saddle Combo combines the Renegade saddle and the Edge platform into a ready to hunt package. The Renegade Saddle provides a lightweight design that features comfortable shoulder straps, a cool mesh seat, and loads of adjustability. The Edge platform provides portability and features slot lock technology, tow rope anchor system, and ultra grip traction.


  • Ready to hunt package
  • Extreme portability
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Loads of adjustability
  • Slot lock technology
  • Two rope anchor system
  • Ultra-grip traction



  • Renegade saddle
  • Edge saddle stand
  • Lineman’s climbing rope
  • Tree tether and bridge
  • In-platform quick clip anchor mounts
  • Product Information

    Material Aluminum
    Weight 5.4 Pound
    Weight Capacity 350 Pound
    Platform Length 13.75 Inches
    Platform Width 11 Inches
    Safety Harness Included Yes


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